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Since 2013 MSAVLC has funded the building of three water systems, and has paid for the provision of a toilet block, in the Jumpet District of Luang Prabang, Laos. Trustees from MSAVLC visited the new water systems in 2015 and were pleased to see what a tremendous difference they had made to so many people’s lives.

BAN HOI MUT village has 230 people, but their water system had fallen into disrepair and the holding tank was fed from the polluted river. A lot of repair was necessary but eventually new pipes were laid from a clean water spring in the mountains over 1.2 Km away. The pipes go underground to the existing tank and then to water stations in the village. Most villagers now don’t have to walk more than 100 metres to a water station.
BAN KOK SAVAHN This village is approached by ferry across the Mekong River and has approx. 500 people and 250 children under 18 residing in it. The water had been sourced from a stream that runs all year round, but for four months of the year, during the rainy season, it became very polluted. A large new water tank had been built and new pipes laid to a new mountain stream. This took 80 families 10 days to do, but unfortunately they experienced some troubles with the water flow at first attempt. They then spent a further month working and had to lay 700 metres of extra pipe, making a total of 3.5 Km of pipes buried under ground! The villagers received no payment for their labour and had raised some money from their rice sales, which they contributed towards the cost of the system. The water system is now working well and the tank feeds water stations throughout the village. It was gratifying to see such a good result.

BAN DON XAI This village has 350 people and about 190 children residing in it. There had been one water tank which was too small and the water had come from the same stream as Ban Kok Savahn, so was very polluted and intermittent. The old tank had been extended to double its size and new pipes were laid and ran for 5 kilometres up through jungle to a new mountain stream. The new system has made a tremendous difference to the villagers, as previously their water would run out before everyone could receive their share.


New water pipes in the villages

Trustees with village children


The new toilet block for the village school in Ban Kok Savahn was completed in September 2015 and is now fully operational, making such a difference to the children of the school

water5 water6

The Trustees of MSAVLC are hoping to be able to provide more clean water systems in the future, if required.