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Our Work

MSAVLC currently supports 5 projects in South-East. Asia.  All of these projects deal with the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people of the region; some are projects that are new to us, and others we have been associated with over a number of years.

Usually the Trustees are made aware of projects during their visits to South-East Asia.  Any individual or organization that suggests a project to us has to submit a detailed proposal which is assessed thoroughly and discussed fully by the Trustees before a decision is made to support it.

All projects are monitored carefully, and the Trustees require costings, reports and receipts where appropriate.  The projects are visited as often as is possible, medical equipment and receipts checked, and evaluations of the projects made.  Administrative costs are kept to a minimum and for many years Trustees have travelled to the area at their own expense.  All the Trustees are volunteers; no-one is paid for their work.

Due to the economic climate the charity’s income is declining, and although we are reluctant to refuse help, our funds are limited.  All our projects are important to us and we will do our best to maintain our support for as long as we can.

Donations are desperately needed to maintain this support, and we appeal to anyone who is able to assist us, to send whatever they can afford, to help us with this vital work.

Thank you.